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About The Organization

Cal's career in motivating and empowering others began over twenty years ago. As a very young college graduate, he found himself being sought after as a public speaker, coach and advisor from many who were we already career veterans. His wisdom and charisma led him to become very successful in the corporate as well as private sectors. He has held positions as Investment Executive with JC Bradford and Co., Investment Manager with both PNC and National City Investments, Vice President of investments, First Tennessee Bank, Nashville, and Regional Vice President at Allianz Life Investments and a successful pastor of a thriving congregation. After spending nearly fifteen years in the finance industry, he went on

to master his consulting skills, which allowed him to lead, train and inspire countless groups and

organzations on an international level. It was out of this experience that Podium Perfect was born.


We are a corporate consulting and public speaker training organization  The Podium Perfect cadre of hand-picked

speakers have amassed remarkable experience through education, business, legal professions, life  experiences, 

and  somuch more. The high standard of quality and professionalism to which a Podium Perfect speaker approaches

his or her craft is without peer.  Audiences are often amazed at the dynamic and awe-inspiring manner in

which ourspeakers captivate their audiences.   If you need a speaker who can inspire and activate your

organization to achieve the next level of success, then you need to contact us today.


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