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Sharpen Your Mind and Your Organization

Get These Highly Acclaimed Books Today!

Gospel of Non-sense

"Calvin takes the idea of faith, deconstructs it and lays it out

explaining each piece...and by the time he puts all the pieces back together, the reader has discovered the he or she not only can access faith in a meaningful, quanititative way, but also has the tools to live in faith daily whether walking through the deepest valleys or atop the highest peaks.               - Brenda Wood, WXIA News Anchor, Atlanta


Managing Strategic Risk

"Mastering Strategic Risk is full of simple principles combined brilliantly by Joel McPhee to help you guide your business through the ongoing whitewater of today’s corporate world. Read this book, apply its concepts, and you’ll find yourself leading at a higher level."                                                 - Ken Blanchard, One Minute Manager

Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve provides simple, yet strategic, steps to empower you to take control of your student's or child's future.  We believe that successful C.E.O.'s and managers of the future, are prepared early.  This book will give your future corporate executive a road map through his/her academic career and will ensure that they have every tool necessary to achieve their highest potential. 

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