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We didn't invent speaker training, we just perfected it!

 We Will Help You To:

Uncover hidden or undiscovered talent

Effectively communicate words, tones and gestures

Minimize or eliminate customer service complaints

Increase professionalism among employees and co-workers

Teach your employees to control the fear of public speaking

Increase employee productivity and sales

Motivate workers to excellence

We offer premier Consulting services. Our customizable program is designed to help you uncover and develop your natural speaking abilities. We give step by step guidance to improved levels of self- confidence and spoken communication. Our mission is to empower and guide individuals to a realization that success is accessible to all. If we take it, it's ours. The only one poised to prevent you from achieving success is you.


 The quickest road to failure is crowded with people traveling alone...

   -Cal Roberson  

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  • Our innovative customizable program is designed to help you uncover your natural speaking abilities. 

  • We will guide you step by step into how you can improve your level of spoken communication, which will ultimately advance you in your personal and professional relationships. 

  • Our experienced instructors will come to your organization, company or venue at your convenience. 

  • You will be taken through a series of exciting and sessions which are both instructional and interactive. 

  • Our goal is to give you the confidence and expertise to become Podium Perfect

  • Our proprietary Power Progression Levels below will give you a basic idea of your journey toward becoming Podium Perfect.

How it works...
Advanced Level

This is the highest level of speaking proficiency.  It is here that the presenter becomes a member of our professional speaker's bureau.  He/ she may also establish a training site with the approval of Podium Perfect, Inc.  In additional he or she will be entered into the coveted National Podium Perfect registry.  Continuing education may advance the presenter PP master levels.

Level 1

The Proficient student has achieved a comfort level with speaking in public forums.  He or she has developed a personal speaking style.


The proficient student is also asked to host, mentor subordinate levels, and facilitate meetings under the mentorship of a higher level.

Level 2

The Professional student is considered a Podium Perfect leader.  As such he or she is well versed in different types of speech as well as multiple styles of presentations. 


The professional student is a faciliator, host and mentor to subordinate levels.

Basic Level 2

At this stage the Podium Protege confronts his or her fears of speaking and learns to use that fear for an advantage.  The Protege is asked to read a written speech.


It is at this level that the student is given an introductory manual and is assigned a mentor.


Basic Level 1

At this beginning level the participant is given a cursory understanding of the podium perfect process.  Through fun and interactive exercises, the Participant learns about the basic usages of the voice.

Learn How to Command an Audience...
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