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Our holistic approach to training involves an emphasis on positive relationships in the workplace. Our goal is to enhance those relationships by introspective evaluation of character, values and integrity, 

which will in turn increase productivity in your organization.


If ideas and creativity are the life blood of your organization, then the ability to present those ideas in a clear cogent fashion is the heart of your company. 


We believe...
  • Sales quotas can be exceeded

  • Office conflict can be averted

  • Corporate policies can be clearly administered

  • Public relations can be enhanced


... all by mastering the art of communication and motivation.


Through our unparalled training strategies, we can guide your employees through a fun, exciting and informative process which will give them the tools to exceed their goals.  Some of our topice include:



Customer Service

        From 'Cuss'tomer Service to Customer Service

Creating the Best First Impression

"...Or I'll Spit in Your Food"


Understanding Diversity

        Unconscious Bias

The Advantages of Differences in the Workplace


Sales Training

        The Drowning Man Theory

Relationship Sales


Speaking Skills and Training

        Representing Who you Really are Through your Voice

Effective Communication and Interaction

Vocal Power





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